Through a professional reflective dialogue, we provide constructive advice, challenge and support to leaders and managers in:

  • Developing robust recruitment and selection procedures
  • Developing policies, strategies and systems that support the clear organisation of the setting.
  • Sustaining high quality childcare practices through the development of an effective self evaluation process, rigorous monitoring systems and strategies for self-challenge
  • Identifying clear and achievable key priorities and assist in writing impact based action plans that support the continuous improvement for staff, children and families.
  • Effective team working and communication

To discuss or book an individual consultancy appointment, please email Denise Hulme at


Consultancy services available:

Review your SEF from £90

“Inspection will consider how well you evaluate the impact of what you do on children’s care, learning and development, and use that evaluation to bring about improvement”  (Are you ready for your inspection? Ofsted, April 2014)

The OFSTED SEF is the tool to support you with your evaluation and our advisors will give you advice on writing an impact based and effective SEF.

The Q4EY package includes:

  • Returned copy of your SEF with highlighted strengths and areas for improvement
  • List of recommendations for improvement
  • Quality 4 Early Years handout ‘Tips for completing your SEF’
  • Follow up telephone conversation

If you would like to book a SEF review  contact Denise on 07754 666650 or email


 2 Hour Preparing for Inspection Consultancy for up to 4 people £175

Our ‘Preparing for Inspection’ consultancy will give you information to help you to prepare for your inspection, take control of your inspection and get the best possible outcomes.

Our Advisors will give you information and advice about the process of inspection, the key features of inspection, joint observations and how judgments are made and evidence collated. They will provide support in drawing up an inspection preparation plan and help prepare for the meeting which providers and managers have with the inspector. They will give you advice on how to conduct yourself at inspection and showcase what you do well.

Q4EY provide a CD Rom with useful  materials which will support you in preparing for inspection and developing your practice. These include an Ofsted preparation plan for staff and managers, a plan to assist you with the meeting inspectors have with the manager and a list of common questions asked by inspectors.

If you would like to book an Inspection Consultancy contact Debs on 07966366342 or email



Find out how our consultancy service could support your developmental needs

  • 1-1, management or team support with developing a vision
  • Support for pre/post Ofsted inspection
  • Quality assurance
  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Developing strategy and policy
  • Management organisation
  • Role modelling practice

1 hour consultancy £70
Half Day (3 hours) £150
Full Day (6 hours) £275

If you would like any more information on this service contact Denise on 07754 666 650 or email