Claire Taylor

Latest Training Calendar Now AvailableIt's that time again when our newest calendar is now available to download!It's our shortest calendar of the year as it's dates between April - July 2019 but.... it packs a punch! We've managed to fit 18 courses in and amongst them - 2 brand new […]

New Training Calendar

AutumnWe’re well and truly into Autumn now, one of my favourite seasons – you just can’t beat all the colours, the leaves are like a painting done by Mother Nature - although, I don’t like being the one to clear them all off the drive!Autumn is a great time for […]

Autumn is Here!

Daily RoutinesDaily routines are an important part of the day for young children and babies, they help them feel safe, secure and comfortable and are a valuable source of learning.There are lots of different types of routines we go through every day, some probably without even thinking about them:For example […]

Daily Routines as a Source of Learning