“Staff can only develop children’s wellbeing when they are emotionally healthy themselves” Children’s wellbeing is a big focus at the moment, to ensure you can successfully develop their wellbeing, you must also take into consideration the welfare of the people looking after those children. Do they have a good work/life […]


Think Beat The Heat!Stay Safe in Hot WeatherWe hope that everyone is enjoying the lovely sun, however, during the heatwave it's very important to think about sun safety,Public Health England have given some advice we hope everyone will share with as many people as possible:-https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/heatwave-plan-for-englandthe link above gives us lots […]

Beat the Heat

It's Hot!I know we've all been dealing with the heat for a little while now but I've come across a document which gives advice on Looking After Children in Heat.Most of the document is things we do every day when the sun is out, but just in case there is […]


Our lovely Associates trainer Sue recently delivered the Maths on a Shoestring Workshop for Salford Local Authority. These workshops are a bit different to our normal training – for a start, they’re only 1.5 hours but they have been written to be a really hands on, fun and practical session. […]

Maths on a Shoestring