What do you say when a child at your setting says, ‘I love you’? How do you respond to a child who kisses you? These are two of many questions that are being debated more frequently in early years settings. How do you deal with the word ‘love’ in a […]

Professional Love…

Did you know that Children’s Mental Health Week is fast approaching… 3-9th February marks the 6th year for the Charity ‘PlacetoBe’ shining a spotlight on the important issue of Children’s Mental Health. Whilst a lot of their focus is on School Children and Youth groups, they have some really […]

Children’s Mental Health Week

“Staff can only develop children’s wellbeing when they are emotionally healthy themselves” Children’s wellbeing is a big focus at the moment, to ensure you can successfully develop their wellbeing, you must also take into consideration the welfare of the people looking after those children. Do they have a good work/life […]


Continuous Professional Development… How important is it? Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a crucial part of a person’s working career. To succeed in any working environment can be challenging. Continuing to develop and grow your skills and knowledge, can make that challenge so much easier and more enjoyable. It’s important […]

CPD… How important is it?

For some people just the word ‘inspection’ sets off panic mode, especially after the recent update with the Education Inspection Framework.Inspections should not induce panic or be a scary process, it’s all about confidence and preparation but that’s easier ‘typed’ than done.For instance, Cultural Capital – what is that!?Sometimes the […]


Think Beat The Heat!Stay Safe in Hot WeatherWe hope that everyone is enjoying the lovely sun, however, during the heatwave it's very important to think about sun safety,Public Health England have given some advice we hope everyone will share with as many people as possible:- link above gives us lots […]

Beat the Heat

Latest Training Calendar Now AvailableIt's that time again when our newest calendar is now available to download!It's our shortest calendar of the year as it's dates between April - July 2019 but.... it packs a punch! We've managed to fit 18 courses in and amongst them - 2 brand new […]

New Training Calendar

Coaching can mean slightly different things to different people but I found a good definition of coaching some time ago:Coaching is…“a process that enables learning and development to occur and thus performance to improve. To be a successful a coach requires a knowledge and understanding of process as well as […]


Sensory ExperienceBabies and young children are always exploring and investing, they are finding out about the world through sensory exploration, discovering through touch (tactile), sight (visual), sound (auditory), taste  (gustatory), smell (olfactory) and movement (vestibular & proprioceptive).  Sensory experience is food for the brain; each sensory interaction promotes new brain […]

Sensory Experience & the Characteristics of Effective Learning

Safeguarding and Child Protection...Over the summer I spent a long time updating Q4EY packages around safeguarding and child protection. There were several reasons for doing this:•   To reflect all revised documentation that recently came in to place (see previous blog for document updates)•   In reflection from meetings with […]

Safeguarding and Child Protection