AutumnWe’re well and truly into Autumn now, one of my favourite seasons – you just can’t beat all the colours, the leaves are like a painting done by Mother Nature - although, I don’t like being the one to clear them all off the drive!Autumn is a great time for […]

Autumn is Here!

When we think about children’s behaviour we tend to use the term ‘managing children’s behaviour’.  But do you ever stop to reflect on why a child is behaving in a certain way?Should we really be ‘managing behaviour’ or should we be trying to understand and support children’s behaviour.  Children behaviour […]

Let’s think about behaviour

Daily RoutinesDaily routines are an important part of the day for young children and babies, they help them feel safe, secure and comfortable and are a valuable source of learning.There are lots of different types of routines we go through every day, some probably without even thinking about them:For example […]

Daily Routines as a Source of Learning

We all know that the early years are a crucial time for children’s development. However, according to the governments guidance plan, ‘Childhood obesity: a plan for action’  a fifth of children are already overweight or obese before they start school and only one in ten children aged two to four […]

Obesity and Physical Development

Safeguarding Updates...There have been some recent updates in Safeguarding and as it is such a vital part of working in the Early Years, we thought we'd update you and provide you with the links in one handy blog.Denise (our Safeguarding Guru) works tirelessly to ensure that all our training is […]

Safeguarding Updates

It's Hot!I know we've all been dealing with the heat for a little while now but I've come across a document which gives advice on Looking After Children in Heat.Most of the document is things we do every day when the sun is out, but just in case there is […]


Our lovely Associates trainer Sue recently delivered the Maths on a Shoestring Workshop for Salford Local Authority. These workshops are a bit different to our normal training – for a start, they’re only 1.5 hours but they have been written to be a really hands on, fun and practical session. […]

Maths on a Shoestring