Children’s Mental Health Week

Did you know that Children’s Mental Health Week is fast approaching…

3-9th February marks the 6th year for the Charity ‘PlacetoBe’ shining a spotlight on the important issue of Children’s Mental Health.

Whilst a lot of their focus is on School Children and Youth groups, they have some really useful tips for parents and carers and this years theme ‘Find your Brave’ can easily be transferred into an Early Years setting.

With a wealth of amazing books which are underpinned with a storyline of someone needing to find courage or overcoming a challenge which might be just that little bit scary, it’s easy to find ways to talk to children about being brave and how that’s doesn’t always look the same for each person.

Some of my favourite books I have read and re-read with my boys involves lots of bravery – they may not be as well known as other books such as ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’, but they’ve taken that love and excitement of adventure through to their reading now – my youngest is currently reading Harry Potter – lots of bravery needed for one young Wizard in that series!

Sir Charlie Stinky Socks by Kristina Stephenson is a series we’ve loved reading – all about a little knight going on big adventures with his faithful cat Envelope and his good grey Mare

Or the Bear books by Karma Wilson and by Jane Chapman, in particular ‘Bear Feels Scared’ shows how friendship can help overcome some of those big feelings.

So back to Children’s Mental health…

There are many many ways to help young children with their mental health – at such a small age, recognising and having the tools to deal with their emotions is a big deal but goes such a long way to how they will cope ‘mentally’ as they grow.

There’s so much known about the benefits of massage for babies, and when children get older there are specific PHSE lessons in school to help understand the importance of their own wellbeing… but what about everyone in between? How can you help those children old enough to speak but not yet old enough to understand completely?…


It’s so important to start conversations with children, to talk with them. From small person to adult, interaction is key. There is even a nationwide campaign which I’m sure everyone has heard of: Britain Get Talking

Britain Get Talking

Britain Get Talking is an ITV Mental Wellness campaign to help families get closer.

Anxiety and depression in children have risen by 48% since 2004. But talking and listening can build mental wellness, so we’re encouraging you to tune back in to the story in your living room.

Britain Get Talking is supported by YoungMinds and Mind

I’ve also recently come across a good article on the Cbeebies website with their 5 tips to help children’s well-being: 1. Start Talking, 2. Put a label on it (feelings), 3. It’s okay to feel this way, 4. Feelings faces and finally 5. Share your stories. Definitely one to look at.

So make sure that today – you have that conversation with those children and help to support their mental health.

We deliver a whole host of courses which will help in their own ways to support your children’s mental health – take a look at our Course Directory or Training Calendar to find out how we can help you and your setting.

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