“Staff can only develop children’s wellbeing when they are emotionally healthy themselves”

Children’s wellbeing is a big focus at the moment, to ensure you can successfully develop their wellbeing, you must also take into consideration the welfare of the people looking after those children. Do they have a good work/life balance? Can they manage the pressure of their jobs? Can they cope with paperwork?

Well-being and stress management fall within an employer’s “duty of care”. With this in mind, the new Education Inspection Framework now has a high focus on well-being. 

Not only does well-being have implications on our quality of life, but when a person’s well-being is not good, typically their performance and effectiveness can be compromised.

Within the Early Years Inspection Framework 2019 when looking at staff well-being under leadership and management, inspectors will look if:-

‘Leaders engage with their staff and are aware of the main pressures on them. They are realistic and constructive in the way they manage staff, including their workload. Leaders protect staff from harassment, bullying and discrimination’

L&M Good Grade Descriptors, point 160

If a setting meets all the criteria for good in leadership and management securely and consistently, inspectors will then consider if the setting is outstanding by looking if:-

‘Leaders ensure that highly effective and meaningful engagement takes place with staff at all levels and that any issues are identified. When issues are identified – in particular about workload – they are consistently dealt with appropriately and quickly. Staff consistently report high levels of support for well-being issues”

L&M Outstanding Grade Descriptors, point 159

The Pre-School Learning Alliance have produced a report Minds Matter that looks at the extent of stress, anxiety and depression among nursery workers and childminders.

It’s an interesting read and whilst a lot of it cannot be changed by an individual person/setting (changes to government policies/funding etc) – it gets the point across that staff’s mental health needs to be taken care of.

We have developed 2 new courses with well-being in mind…. one to support staff & enable leaders and managers to feel more confident to do this and the other a practical workshop to explore ‘Mindfulness’ and support children.

Promoting the Well-being of Staff through outstanding Leadership & Management

Tuesday 22/10/19, 9.30am-12.30pm at The Honeywell Centre, Hadfield Street, Oldham, OL8 3BP. £38 per delegate
Tuesday 31/3/19, 1-4pm at Martenscroft Nursery School & Children’s Centre, 33 Epping Street, Hulme, Manchester, M15 6PA. £38 per delegate

This course will help settings feel confident that they are providing outstanding Leadership and Management with reference to staff wellbeing. This in-turn leads to staff providing outstanding experience for the children in their care. By knowing the needs, knowledge and understanding of each individual staff member, managers will be better placed to support them, and will feel confident to approach their management for support when they need it.

Learning Objectives:

To understand that how well supported staff are, impacts directly on the children and families
To understand the vital role CPD plays in promoting the wellbeing of all staff
To reflect upon the daily pressures on staff, helping to manage staff constructively and realistically.
To explore a range of methods of promoting wellbeing into the setting and into the lives of staff generally so that they can provide an outstanding service.
To discuss the identification of issues and dealing with them consistently and appropriately

Workshop: Mindfulness in the Early Years

Friday 8/11/19, 9.30am-11am at Martenscroft Nursery School & Children’s Centre, 33 Epping Street, Hulme, Manchester, M15 6PA. £22 per delegate

This workshop will explore mindfulness and help practitioners to support children to gain the skills to understand and be aware of their inner and outer experiences. Thinking about how our emotions affect our bodies this workshop will support us in understanding the importance of mindfulness in developing children’s emotional health and well-being

Learning Objectives:

Explore what mindfulness means in the early years
Help practitioners to support children to understand what is going on in their heads and inside their bodies
Explore and think about individual well-being
Look at ways to support children’s self-esteem and well-being
Explore practical ways to support children’s emotional health and well-being

Book your places through our website, by emailing contact@quality4earlyyears.com or giving us a call on 07495 342 223

And don’t forget… there’s always support available:

Samaritans: 116 123

Mind: 0300 123 3393

Papyrus (for people under 35): 0800 068 4141

The Silver Line (for older people): 0800 470 8090

Anxiety UK: 0844 477 5774