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Effective Self-Assessment – Measuring the Impact of Practice

Area:             Leaders & Managers
Audience:    Leaders & Managers

This course explores what to do next, in light of the Ofsted SEF being withdrawn. It will consider how to capture and measure the impact of your early years practice, teaching and leadership, on learning outcomes for children.  This course will support leaders and managers to gather and summarise secure evidence, to show they have an accurate view of the quality of provision and what needs to improve. It will also provide an opportunity to look at how to undertake an effective improvement plan that demonstrates progress over time.

Learning Objectives:

  • To explore the relevance and importance of continuous self-assessment and improvement
  • To understand how to capture, record and measure evidence accurately
  • To reflect on how to show case effective self-assessment
  • To explore what Ofsted are looking for when case tracking children’s progress
  • To explore how to develop a successful improvement plan.