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In the Moment Planning

Area:             Learning and Development
Audience:    Practitioner, Leaders and Managers

We know that when children’s learning is at a deep level, when they are totally involved then they are unstoppable.
“In the Moment Planning” is gaining momentum in the Early Years community. Why is this method gaining in popularity and credibility? What does it mean in practice? Does it work?
How can it be introduced into settings?

Learning Objectives:

  • To introduce the theory and practice of “In the Moment Planning”, with reference to practice in “real life”
  • To help practitioners gain an understanding of why this works so well and how to introduce it
  • To demonstrate how children’s progress is accelerated when this approach is adopted
  • To show how to document children’s learning through “In the moment planning” practice
  • To enable practitioners to communicate to parents how this method works and how they can support their children