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Toxic Trio – Safeguarding Children when Parents have Multiple Needs

Area:                Safeguarding and Welfare, SEND
Audience:       Practitioner, Leaders and Managers

This course will provide practitioners with an understanding of how mental ill health, domestic abuse and substance misuse may impact on parenting ability and increase the risk of harm to children and young people

Learning Objectives:

  • To raise awareness of the concept of ‘The Toxic Trio’ and why this is essential learning for all frontline practitioners
  • To develop your understanding of parental substance use, parental mental ill health and domestic abuse and the impact it can have on parenting ability
  • To consider learning from serious case reviews to identify how children and young people are affected by parental behaviours
  • To reflect on your role in identifying and working with families when parents have multiple needs and increase awareness of local providers or community support available for families

This course provides an introduction to the concept of the “Toxic Trio”  and highlights how children may be at increased risk when parents have multiple needs. There will be opportunity to explore your own role in relation to this issue and increase your knowledge of legislation, policy and local service provision which will enable you to support families appropriately and to safeguard the needs of children and young people in your care.